The Death’s Collector Novels

by Bill McCurry

Follow the adventures and the fate of Bib the Sorcerer, a man who bargained with the God of Death to save his daughter – and who must now kill a certain number of people to pay his debt. And only the God of Death knows what that number is…

Reader Ted S. says:

“Death’s Collector, the intro to the saga of Bib, the Death-cursed wizard, leads you gently by the hand into the life of a good man who became obligated to kill people for the god of death. And then it trips you and dumps you into the muck and the blood and the guts and laughs at you.

This irreverent book is the memoir of a man who kills people and likes it for beings that he neither loves nor respects, a truth he tells to their powerful faces every time he meets them. But underneath the deadly sardonic exterior is a gold-leafed heart that wouldn’t mind loving again if the opportunity presented itself.”


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