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Book signing on June 25, 2022 at Carpe’ Diem Comics in McKinney, Texas

Lys and Shado Wiley, owners of Carpe’ Diem Comics, will host a book signing for me on June 25, 2022 in McKinney, TX. We’ll go from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm but pack a lot of fun into those few hours.

Look for live music, prizes, snacks, and nearly illegible handwriting whenever I sign a book. I’ll also have my books to sell to those deprived folks who don’t have any yet and aren’t satisfied with me signing their forearm. I’ll even read a few passages and answer questions (such as “What were you thinking?”).

Seriously, Lys and Shado are friends from way back, and they’re generous to host this event for me. They sell a great selection of cool books and games, have unbelievable customer service, and are located at 208 E. Louisiana St. McKinney, Texas 75069. Check them out at https://carpediemcomics.com.

By the way, just a couple of doors down from Carpe’ Diem is Cocktail Creamery, which, yes, sells ice cream with alcohol in it. It sounded odd to me at first, but now I don’t know why all ice cream isn’t served this way. Check them (and their menu) out at: https://cocktailcreamery.com/whats-on-tap.

The book signing Facebook event details are HERE.


Thank you to everybody who joined us at the Carpe Diem book signing!

Lys and Shado Wiley graciously allowed us to sprawl all over their beautiful, two-story, open-format establishment. We saw a lot of friends, old and new. We sold and signed books. Ladies sang beautiful music. People listened to me read and survived with their faculties intact. It was a great day, even if I did skip the booze-infused ice cream.

Let’s do it again sometime!