“Bring Us The Head Of The Velveteen Rabbit” is my collection of humorous and sarcastic essays, and as of today it’s available at Amazon.com! You can purchase the e-book in Kindle format for $3.99, and it contains over 80 essays pulled together from the Infinite Monkeys Publishing site, The Whims of Fairness, and totally new material. Plenty of great photo illustrations with snide captions are included as well. This book can be purchased at this Amazon.com link.

For those of the Nook persuasion, “Bring Us The Head Of The Velveteen Rabbit” will be available electronically at Barnes and Noble within a few days!


I’ve completed the text of my upcoming e-book, “Bring Us the Head of the Head of the Velveteen Rabbit: Inspirational Essays on Fear, Failure and Falling on Your Ass.” I expect that it will be available at Amazon by the end of the month and at Barnes and Noble soon after. The book will include 83 sarcastic and timely essays, complete with photo illustrations and snarky captions. Some of essays have already appeared here in my blog and some at Infinite Monkeys Publishing, but a good number have never before been released. Among the favorites and the new pieces are:

  • I Hate My Brain
  • The Words of My People
  • Laughing All the Way to the Grave
  • Surrendering the Moral High Ground
  • Just Sex, Religion and Politics? What About the Drugs and the Rock and Roll?
  • The Least Romantic Man in America
  • Days of Wine and Mammoths
  • I Built a Whole Lot of Real Good Nothing
  • Read This, Or My Goldfish Will Kick Your Ass

Look for a release announcement here before you know it.