As I was sitting in the hospital room, waiting for my mom to wake up, I pondered the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that seems to have gained a bit of momentum. I’m a fan of civil unrest and social improvement, but the “99%” folks seem rather irked about promises they think were made to them by someone–I’m not sure who. This goes along the line of “I was promised that if I worked hard and followed the rules I would have success, but now I’m just under a ton of student loans and have no job. What the hell’s up with that?”

After considering this for a bit, I came up with a statement of solidarity with them:

While I strive for a better society, which is a noble thing, I must remember that nothing in life is fair, whether dealt by nature or by mankind. Regardless of my efforts, there is no guarantee of success, or opportunity, or even survival. If I believe anyone who promises otherwise, I am a fool. And I must accept my culpability for my own circumstances, for to do otherwise is to abdicate my power to change them.

That constitutes my attempts at political/philosophical bullshit for the year.