Christopher Buehlman’s new medieval horror novel Between Two Fires was released earlier this month, and it’s a fantastic read. The story is funny, historically intriguing, and scary as hell. It received a great review at Publisher’s Weekly, and I can personally vouch for how entertaining it is. It’s available in hardback at bookstores and Amazon, as well as Kindle format and audio through Amazon. The audio version is amazingly well done.


On September 6, Ace Hardcover will release “Those Across The River”, a horror novel by Christopher Buehlman.  He’s a fantastic wordsmith, and he’s created a highly literate story that’s also thrilling and masterfully paced. It’s available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and there will be a release party/signing in New York City, as well as other signings around  the country. Every brain cell in my skull recommends it.

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