My short story “The Santa Fix” was published today by Open Heart Publishing in the anthology “An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy“. It’s available in paper format now, and will be offered in electronic format soon.

I think that the anthology itself has a lot going for it. The 14 stories were selected from over 5000 submissions. Open Heart Publishing is dedicated to green publishing, using print on demand to keep inventory low and reduce deforestation. That makes the cost of an individual book a little higher, but overall it’s worth it. And the physical copy of the book is a really beautiful, high quality volume.
Of the 14 auhors in the anthology, the one who generates the greatest interest will be given a book contract a year from now. So I would be tremendously grateful for any support anyone would like to offer.

Simply voting for me costs nothing, so please do that if you can. Just go to the site and click my name on the left side to give me 1 point. You’re not limited to one vote in the contest. Vote early, vote often!

Purchasing a copy of the book through the publisher’s website by clicking my name earns me 500 points, which is a huge boost for me. If you purchase through a retail outlet like Amazon, then I get no points at all, so please use this link.

An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy

Open Heart Publishing is including my story, The Santa Fix” in their anthology An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy. The book will be published later this year, but they’re promoting it now, and part of that promotion is author interviews. My interview was posted this afternoon, so please take a look if you’re interested.

Part of the interview was about what my muse looks like. I provided a photo, but they weren’t able to include it in the posted interview. Therefore, in the interest of completeness, my muse:

My Muse


Yesterday I finished my interview for the upcoming anthology An Honest Lie Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy. The interviewer hit me with a nice mix of both serious and funny questions. My favorite was “Do you consider yourself to be perfect?” I consider my answer to be pretty good, so that should count for something. An Honest Lie Volume 3 will be released later this year, including my story about belief and panic.

Just because I’m still in an interviewing mood, here are some questions I wasn’t asked, along with answers. Feel free to answer them for yourself!

If you were a method of breaking off a romantic relationship, what kind of method would you be?

A note in sky-writing at her family reunion.

When you reach Heaven, what will you say to St Peter?

Did I miss the exit for Lubbock?

If you were a flavor of ice cream that could never exist but should, what would you be?

Satanic Music Videos and Cream

If you were a lame excuse for coming home late, which one would you be?

The dog ate my car.

If you awoke with a cat perched on your chest, what would that cat be thinking?

You can be tolerated, but you sleep like an amateur.

If you were a zombie standing next to another cute zombie, what would your Zombie Pickup Line be?

How about a picnic? I’ve got a toddler crammed in this little basket.

If you were sitting on Santa’s lap and wanted to be remembered next year, what would you say?

I want a bike like you brought me last year, except one that won’t fly apart and break Grandma’s hip.

If you were Santa Claus, what would you do the day after Christmas?

Hit a topless bar with 8 tiny reindeer and 500 $1 bills