One of my favorite posts from the past, Why Your Cat Hates You, is visiting the blog of author Larry Merris today. My cat Snowball, who dictated the post, celebrated by wallowing on my lap to have her belly scratched and then biting me on the thumb. So, a banner day all around! Larry said that some of his readers are cat people, so I hope they’ll drop by here each week for our celebrations of the human spirit and character assassinations.

Please go check out the post on Larry’s blog. Spelling errors might have crept in during the move to his blog, or even foreign words. He writes about foreign countries, so it’s not as outlandish as you might think. Keep both of us honest.

Larry is the author of The Red Serpent, a historical thriller that you should look into if you enjoy nail-biting rides through danger and ancient knowledge. That wasn’t the absolute the best description. For the absolute best description you should check out the book on Larry’s website. It contains a cool book trailer, and if nothing else catches your attention, this cover should:

The Red Serpent by Larry Merris
The Red Serpent by Larry Merris

You can expect the sequel, The Parable Effect, later in 2013.

Larry, thank you for allowing me to visit your blog and your readers!

2 thoughts on ““Why Your Cat Hates You” Goes on Tour

  1. Cat lovers are grateful for the in depth analysis of their cat’s behavior, it is proving to be one of the most popular items on my Facebook pages. Thank you for the words you expressed in “On Tour” I really appreciate it. I have read many books in my lifetime and enjoy humor, you sir have a gift, you make me laugh, and in the past very few authors could do that. I rank you with Samuel Clements, and Patrick F. McManus two of the very best humorists in literature, McManus is probably twitching with that revelation. I was so caught up in the moment that I bought your book, Velveteen Rabbit on Kindle, will start reading tonight.

    • Larry, thank you for letting me visit your website. I’m happy that you feel some of your readers would enjoy a view into the cat-mind. Thanks also for the astounding compliment about my work. I try hard to give peope something fun to read, but I can’t imagine being compared to such a legendary figure. Indeed, I’m sometimes ashamed that I dare to use the same language as Samuel Clemens. And thank you for buying my book. You’ll see a thing or two in it you may recognize from my blog, but you should see much more that you don’t.

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