This is an experiment, hopefully not the kind that ends with a hole eaten in the table or someone turned into a bug-human hybrid.

Last week I found myself reading one of these posts aloud to a person. It might have been in a therapist’s office, or in a job interview, or at the cleaners. They run together sometimes. The person listening to me said, “Hey, you should try reading some of that stuff out loud and putting that on your website.” This evening I waited a bit too long for dinner and tanked my blood sugar, annihilating my resistance to that suggestion.

Below I present one audio track containing the post “Why Your Cat Hates You.” Posting such a thing may be a wonderful idea, or it may be lunacy. I get credit for wonderful ideas. Lunacy gets blamed on my therapist/hiring manager/dry cleaner. Either way, I appreciate any comments about whether this sort of thing should happen again.


This time illiteracy is no excuse for ignorance, so pay attention.

4 thoughts on “Your Cat Hates You Some More – and Says So Out Loud

  1. OMG! I loved being able to put a voice to your face. What at great accent. As you know, I’m Scarberryfields on Twitter and I’ve been tweeting this story (written on your blog months ago). So many cat lovers on Twitter have loved it. I have a female cat (7 month old Chelsea…Twitpic at my Twitter profile: )that looks almost identical. Thank you so much for recording this. My husband and I enjoyed it so much!!!

    • Rebecca, thank you a thousand times for tweeting my story so often! Thanks also for the feedback on the audio. I intend to try it another time or two–maybe I can make some improvements. I checked out Chelsea’s photo. Creatures shouldn’t be allowed to be that cute unless they’re given a corresponding handicap such as an anvil chained to their foot. There should be a law.

      I’m happy that you and your husband enjoyed the piece!

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